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The Home of the True Warriors

Rugby is often mistaken for football by the uninitiated. There are people who would say that rugby preceded football, but there are likely an equal number of people who would dispute that and state that football preceded rugby. However, the exact origins of this sport are up for debate as no reliable documentation exists today. Rugby league football -- or simply rugby -- is a physical and rule-ori Read More...

History Defined: Beyond Historical Knowledge

Medieval Days will visit any school in the UK to present a first class history workshop


They cover all periods of history including Tudor, Medieval, Roman, Viking and World War 2

Webster's Dictionary defines history as: "A branch of knowledge that records and explains past events" (Webster's 2001). Historically, history is studied for many reasons. One major reason is to acquire historical knowledge. One must look at all the historical facts and events recorded from history, to acquire what may be penned as "historical knowledge." This is not just head knowledge and rote Read More...

Essential tips in customizing Christian home school history curriculum

History is not just the study of the past. It is the study of peoples, places and the interplay of peoples and places to shape the world that is present at this moment. History is a very tricky subject to explore. It is as diverse and complex as the human nature itself. However, there is no need to provide biases in telling the conditions of the things past. Hence, it is essential to understand th Read More...

UK Education- Classroom of the future

There are in numerous reasons to choose to study at England. England is known for offering career-based pre university education which dates back to hundred of years and is evolving constantly. The continuous progress in education is making it one of the most preferred destinations for higher studies. Its educational institutes, qualification level and study patterns are recognized throughout the Read More...